Luxury furniture on Tuchlauben

Rivoli Home on the elegant Tuchlauben in Vienna is one of Europe’s finest addresses for luxury designer furniture, lighting and Interiors. Rivoli offers a collection of carefully selected items of the most sumptuous luxury brands, including living room furniture, bedroom and dining room furniture, as well as the most exclusive manufacturers of luxury outdoor furniture.

The basics: sofas, chairs, tables, beds…

We sell the finest sofas, chairs, tables, beds, the fanciest accessories, unique carpets and rugs, beautiful lamps and impressive chandeliers.

The magic: colours, floors, lighting

Upon request, the Rivoli architects create the whole interior: Not only furniture, also the floors, the lighting, even the wall colours.

Founder Gilbert Scharsach: „Colours, floors and lighting are the most underestimated part of interior design. The floors and colours are the stage for your furniture, and the lighting adds the magic to the scene.“

The wow-effect

„No matter if we design fancy houses for the Hollywood stars‘ or a city apartment for a customer: We create the Wow-effect. That’s what we’re good at.

When you enter into a space we designed, you must be momentarily impressed and overwhelmed and speechless. If that happens, if you’re stunned with your mouth open for just a moment, that means we’ve done a good job.“


Rivoli is elegant glamour with a wow-effect

The exclusive RIVOLI furniture is made to create luxurious living spaces, gardens and terraces, houses and cottages.

RIVOLI furniture is tasteful and elegant, with a spark of glamour, or peaceful in pastel colours, or opulent neo-baroque. We offer almost every style, from minimal to baroque, but when we furnish a place, we never forget what we are specialized in: The wow-effect.

We create glamour. We specialize in the WOW-effect.

Rivoli Home CEO Gilbert Scharsach: „We create the Wow-effect. That’s what we’re good at“

Our Showroom

Tuchlauben Lounge – one of the most exclusive furniture showrooms in Europe

In the heart of Vienna, right on Austria’s most exclusive shopping mile Tuchlauben nestled between Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Armani, Givenchy and Louboutin, you‘ll find a new paradise of exquisite luxury interiors. Rivoli Home, interior designer of the rich and beautiful from Paris and London to Dubai and Moscow, opened up Vienna‘s finest showroom for luxury designer furniture, lighting and Interiors.

This new hotspot for heavenly and cozy interior is called the Tuchlauben Lounge, situated right at Tuchlauben 15, with a view over Tuchlauben and Vienna’s historic city center.

Customers can do a free consultation for their house or apartment by appointment Monday through Friday between 1pm and 6pm in the afternoon.
The Tuchlauben reaches from the Chanel and Prada flagship store at the one end over the impressive Louis Vuitton flagship store for Central Europe, followed by EtroMiuMiuArmani (all in the so called „Golden Quarter“), the Fabios restaurant (Vienna’s number 1 society hotspot), Saint Laurent, and Agent provocateur.


Luxury Innovators

Tuchlauben 15
1010 Vienna

Tel: +431 200 100
E-Mail: info@rivolivienna.com
Web: www.rivolivienna.com

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Our General Terms and Conditions (GTCs in German) apply.

Rivoli Home offers the following services:
Creation of Interior Design proposals by taste and appearance aspects,

excluding any consulting, pre-planning and planning activities concerning the layout plan of the premises and the building engineering.